Welcome to the website of the Aigyptos Foundation. Our main purpose is to create a means of support for Slovak Egyptological research and to present its results to the public audience. This website is intended for everyone who is interested in Ancient Egyptian history and culture. If you want to learn more about Egypt and Egyptology, you are in the right place.

What key activities does the Aigyptos Foundation pursue?

We support a Slovak Egyptological and archaeological mission in Egypt and Slovak Egyptological research.

We build up a specialised library for Egyptologists.

We present Ancient Egyptian history and culture to the Slovak public.

Our projects are financed from the funds of the Aigyptos Foundation, sponsoring gifts and income generated from the donations of 2% of paid income tax. The transparency of our activities is guaranteed by annual reports.

Západ slnka nad západným brehom Nílu v Thébach (foto Ľ. Hudáková)